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Saturday, 24 November 2012 14:49

Winter Plumbing Tips Featured

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There are many plumbing tips for the winter season. We would like to pass on some of these tips to our customers and viewers. These tips can help save you money, time and headache for the future months to come.

With temperatures getting to near or at freezing many problems can occur:

  • It is a great idea to disconnect all water hoses outside. When the water freezes it can build back into the home causing pipe breakage.

  • If water lines are exposed it is necessary to insult them to protect them from the exterior conditions. You can also buy small insulator cups that cover hose bibs.

  • Closing vents around the foundation of the house will help keep the cold air from penetrating under the house which could freeze the water lines.

  • A first sign of pipes freezing or breaking is low water pressure. Keep an eye on how hard the water comes from faucets and valves. If you feel that your water lines are not insulated enough or want to be on the safe side you can leave faucets to slightly run to keep the water lines from freezing. If this is your position then a stream no wider then a pencil lead width will suffice.

  •  If leaving or not using certain rooms in home where water lines are located please be sure that the temperature is around 55 degrees.


These are some tips to help make these months easier on your pocket and plumbing. If you notice leaking or wish for your pipes to be inspected please feel free to contact us. We are here to help prevent problems with your plumbing.

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