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Mailing Address:

 PO Box 1923

Washington, NC 27889

Physical Location:

111 Harding St. Suite 101 (shop)

Washington, NC  27889






We gladly accept the following credit cards!

Credit card transactions will incur a 2% surcharge on the total invoice. Debit card transactions will incur a $1.50 flat fee.

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We can install new pumps new or used supplied by us or the customer.


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We have power snakes and a jetter machine that will clear most lines. We have our own backhoe and trencher for repairs or new installs so that there is no additional fees for equipment rental on these machines.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:42

About Steve

A little about the owner:

Mr. Fuchs has lived in Washington since 1982 and is a 1978 graduate of NC State University with a BS Degree in Plant Technology and obtained his Master's Degree in 2001 from NC A&T State University in Agricultural Education. A former teacher at Chocowinity and Southside High Schools, he retired from the Beaufort County School system in 2010 with 33 years of service to the children of Beaufort County. Mr. Fuchs has served on several volunteer city and county boards for the past 20 years to include the Salvation Army Advisory Board and the City of Washington Board of Adjustment. He grew up in the Stokes Community in Pitt County where he was an Eagle Scout. Mr. Fuchs also served in the NC National Guard many years attaining the Rank of Captain.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 03:40

About Thomas

A little about the Lead Service Technician:

Mr. Freeman is fairly new to Washington and the surrounding area. He is from Fayetteville, N.C. Mr. Freeman has been plumbing for 17 years. He has an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. He has worked in many areas of North Carolina and Virginia. He has a charismatic attitude and tries every possible way to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the jobs we do. He has worked for FRE Plumbing service for almost a year and the customers are very satisfied with him and his work.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 15:39

About FRE

FRE Plumbing Service Inc has been serving the citizens of Washington and surrounding counties fulltime since 1993 with residential and commercial plumbing services. President, Steven C. Fuchs is a local resident and businessman. Mr. Fuchs brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his customers since his start as a plumber's helper dating back to the late 1970s. FRE Plumbing Service Inc has continuously grown over the past 20 years having outgrown 2 previous shops and places of operation, to moving into our brand new shop facility in 2008 which we now occupy at 111 Harding St. in Washington.

FRE Plumbing prides itself in providing timely and responsible service to its customers. We answer calls 24 hours a day, return calls within 30 minutes of receiving the call, and try extremely hard to be on time and perform our plumbing repairs quickly and accurately. Our normal working hours are 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Weekend work can be scheduled in advance if needed however additional charges may apply for afterhours work.
FRE Plumbing uses state of the art tools and equipment in all its plumbing jobs. We use high pressure Jetter Machines for high pressure removal of grease in drain lines, various sizes of Electric Power Snakes to remove roots and debris from clogged drains and sewer lines, and have vast experience in the installation of Tankless Water Heaters (a growing trend). We are a Goulds Pump Systems Certified Dealer and do repair and install water pumps. FRE owns its own backhoe and can perform jobs which require excavation or trenching without delay, whereas, other plumbers may have to waste valuable customer time and money to rent or secure a backhoe for use.


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To help prevent clogs, fit all your tubs and shower drains with a strainer that catches hair and soap chips, and clean the strainer regularly. Do not rinse fats or cooking oils down the kitchen sink. Liquid fats solidify in the drain pipes and create clogs. Avoid using caustic liquid drain openers (like Draino or Liquid Plumber) on a drain that is completely clogged. The caustic ingredients are trapped in your pipes, and it can severely damage them. If you can't snake the drain yourself, contact a professional to do so. You can extend the life of your garbage disposal by: Using plenty of cold water when running it. Making sure you avoid overloading it. Don't dispose of things like bones, potato peelings, shrimp shells, rice, or corn husks. Never use a caustic drain opener. Once every three months, use 1/2 cup clean cooking oil to help lubricate the inside of the garbage disposal.

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Toilet leaks can be wasteful and expensive. At least once a year, check your toilet for leaks by adding a small amount of red food coloring to the tank, and then check the toilet bowl later. If the toilet bowl water is colored red, water is seeping through the tank. If it is leaking, you should replace the Flapper in the tank.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:34

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming a growing trend with homeowners. Many of our customers are doing away with costly water storage tank type water heaters and replacing them with the more efficient tankless ones. These heaters are not instantaneous water heaters but they do heat water as you use it. This keeps from heating storage water over and over again. These types of water heater can be electric or gas.

All tankless water heaters, gas and electric regardless of brand name, need to be serviced annually. Servicing consists of flushing mineral deposits out the water heater. If these mineral deposits are not flushed out they can build up and cause irreversible damage to the heater and internal mechanism which controls the operation of the Tankless water heater.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:33

Gas Water Heaters

You should also periodically inspect your water heater burner. The flame under the heater should appear blue with yellow tips. If it's mostly yellow, or if it's sooty under there, your flue may be clogged, which is a dangerous situation. You can turn off the gas and make sure the pilot light is not lit and blow out the gas chamber with pressurized air or you can contact a professional to check it out.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:32

Water Heater

Water Heater
At least once a year, drain water from the hot water storage tank. Over time sediment/mineral deposits will build up at the bottom of the water heater. This can lower water heater efficiency and cause damage to heating elements in electric water heaters. Continued sediment/mineral deposit buildup in your water heater will also cause damage to the storage tank itself over time resulting in lowering the life of your water heater.

Water heaters that show any signs of rust either at the top or especially the bottom of the water heater is a sure sign that your water heater is going to leak at some point in time. Many times we have been called to homes during holidays, etc to replace rusted out water heaters. The old saying that "if it can happen, it will" is a word to the wise when facing a rusting water heater!!! These should be replaced to avoid waking up to a flooded house from a busted or leaking water storage tank!!!!

At least once every two years, have your water heater inspected by a service technician. He or she will also check the drain valve for signs of leakage.

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